“Nao’s creative movement classes offer an atmosphere
that is nothing short of magical! … Important work, needed
by many. -Thank you Nao!”

~ Michelle Benjamin, Co-founder: stillpoint gallery & healing center, Originator: the osteopathic field of awareness training

“Joining Nao in dance was a tremendously important part of my life for more than ten years.  From that first fateful evening, the depth of what she was offering captured my heart, soul, and mind, and  I never looked back.  Some of my greatest insights and life changes have come as a result of dancing with purpose and openness within Nao’s guidance.  I can’t adequately express the depth of this blessing in words.

Since Nao’s move to the Island, I haven’t found anything that comes even remotely close to replacing the soulful richness she offered us.  With much gratitude for the Gift of those ten years, I know it’s now time for a new group of women to play, laugh, learn and grow together in a way they likely haven’t known before. Hurrah!  The gift enters the circle, and is passed on…

~ Rachel Walter, Investor

“Nao creates a safe space where every individual is given the freedom to express deeply through movement or stillness.   Profound connection continues to exist for me today in this community of women dancers.”

~ Raquel Galindo, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“There is something so magical and sacred about Nao’s
work. Every class facilitated a healing no other form
could do. Nao holds a loving and supportive space and
allows each unique class to unfold with grace. Thank you Nao!”

~ Nina Yannoukos, homeopath

Poetry in motion comes to mind when I think of Nao’s exquisite creative movement classes. Each class was exactly what I needed at that point of time. My body and spirit went through cycles of release, surrender, new be beginnings, building up and releasing again. After each class I felt satisfied and connected to all the women and elements. Nao is a wise and loving teacher, you are very fortunate to have her in your community.

~ Naslishah Thony

“I’ll admit I never liked dance classes that I’ve taken in the past. Often these classes consisted of following exact directions and there was no awareness brought to the body. This left no lasting impression on me and I felt disconnected from myself while moving. I also often felt intimidated by dance and was unsure about myself. All of that changed with Nao’s classes. I always left her classes feeling ‘moved’ and I learned much about myself through the expression of dance in Nao’s classes. I’m sure now that no comparison can be made between Nao’s dance classes and other dance classes I’ve taken…you will have to experience it for yourself to understand!”

~ Jen, Archivist/Records Manager

“Nao is a phenomenally unique, wise and gifted teacher who brings a sense of play, joy, sacredness and fun to every class. She creates a safe space in which I have always felt I can express myself freely. I have been blessed to dance with Nao for over ten years, which is a gift in my life difficult to express. Her classes cultivate freedom of exploration, personal expression and build sense of community. A sacred circle of dancing women organically formed over the years, always changing and evolving, and provided a beautiful circle of support through which all of us have grown personally and spiritually. I would highly recommend Nao’s classes and would jump at the chance to participate!”

~ Jaime Kowal, Photographer and Author

“Nao truly created a sacred space for women in the city. We will all miss the safe circle of feminine creativity.  In Nao’s classes we could express our beings through our bodies, our voices, our tears and our laughter.  There were also moments of silence that occurred as we journeyed through the landscapes of our dreams and listened to the whispers of our souls. Nao was always present and there for us all. Each dance circle was unique, inspiring and transformative. I will miss this space of sacredness, especially the sharing with other dancing women. It is our nature to celebrate life together, that’s how we weave our feminine magic into the web of life. It’s a wild ride sister, sister hang on.”

~ Janine, Art Therapist

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