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Mother of Darkness: An Exploration of the Nourishing Dark.

Together, and through the darkest time of the year, we will dive into the nourishing depths of the deep night. We will travel down to the underground spring and through the holy cave. We will incubate. We will rest.Through the practice of movement and deep listening to the wisdom body we will follow the myths and the poems in and down. We will move like rivers do, seeking the lowest ground, moving toward the depths, without ambition, without aim, without goal.The invitation: To drink from the well of the nourishing dark.

Classes will run from the week of November 13th to December 11th 2017.

I will be offering a Monday night and a Wednesday class and they will take place, at Sally’s Yurt in Courtenay, 1957 Arden Road, from 7:15 pm until 8:45 pm.

The cost will be : $100.00

For more information and to register:

 Space is limited.

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are of a consecutive nature and therefor drop-in IS NOT encouraged.


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