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The Ecology of Being~ An Exploration of the Inner Landscape of Being through the Wisdom Body.

Classes will commence on the week of September 11th and run until  November 6th 2017.

When we study ecology we are interested in the “relations and interactions between organisms and their environment.” We are concerned with connection and relationality, and although this is a word we generally associate with sciences, I invite you now to apply it to soul.

In other words, to consider the “ecology” of your inner life, of your human experience, and the environment in which you dwell, both within and without.

That is to say, What is the “ecology” of your being-ness?

The invitation then, over the course of this next series, is to explore the ecology of being through the experience of the body. This, by listening deeply to the body’s language, guidance and sensory communication, and following the the wisdom gleaned there, inside. The body being the profound gateway between the inner world and the outer world.

This exploration will be in the form of free-form movement and encouraged by the work of a myriad of philosophers, myth tellers and poets who have had a significant impact on my own experience in this field.

Classes will be held at Sally’s Yurt in Courtenay, on Monday and Wednesday evenings, from 7:15 pm- 8:45 pm. The cost will be: $120.00


PLEASE NOTE: There will be three weeks during this time where there will be no classes as I will be away. There will be no classes the weeks of September 18th and 25th and October 9th. 

For more information and to register:

 Space is limited.

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are of a consecutive nature and therefor drop-in IS NOT encouraged.


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