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The Spring House ~An Exploration Of The Embodied Mystery As We Move Into The Energies Of Spring~

February- April 2018
This next session is dedicated to exploring the energies of spring, as they move through the vessel of the wisdom body.What is the body’s natural response to more light, to longer days, to warmth and freshness and new life? And what if we were to explore these energies as a plant does, by simply allowing the guiding energies to support the natural movement, movement that goes down into the earth, and up toward the sky, and out into blossom. And then what if we follow these energies of spring into the dance, rising, and rooting, opening, and allowing, and this without any aim or goal, but rather by letting go into the energies that naturally move in and out of the body vessel. What if we follow our deepest feminine knowing here, that is less about striving and more about listening? What might we awaken? Uncover? Notice?

These classes will take place over the course of 6 weeks, and will be stitched together with various pieces of poetry, writing and theory that illuminate the body wisdom. I will also be drawing on the work of Paula Reeves, a Jungian analyst and writer, who has spent her life studying the body/soul connection.

“Our most frequent difficulty is the fear of acknowledging a growing dissatisfaction with a patriarchal path that ignores the wisdom of the body and the richness of the dreamtime. The old familiar responses can no longer answer the new questions. In this culture it is difficult to naturally engage our feeling body wisdom and instincts. When a feeling or an experience pulls us toward the feminine realm with instinctual questions about the nature of what we feel-in our bellies, our breasts, our hearts, and our guts, we are encouraged to prefer magic to Embodied Mystery for our succor.-Paula Reeves~

I will be offering a Monday night and a Wednesday class and they will take place, at Sally’s Yurt in Courtenay, 1957 Arden Road, from 7:15 pm until 8:45 pm.

Classes will run from the week of February 19th to the week of April 9th. There will be NO classes the week of March 5th or the Easter Week of April 2nd.


The cost will be : $120

For more information and to register:

 Space is limited.

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are of a consecutive nature and therefor drop-in IS NOT encouraged.

Workshop March 3rd 2018

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